Michigan Freedom Network Makes General Election Endorsements for State House and Senate

Lansing, MI – Today, the Michigan Freedom Network announced general election endorsements of 24 additional candidates for state House and 6 additional candidates for the state Senate.

“The Michigan Freedom Network is excited to endorse these champions for Freedom who are ready to fight on behalf of the families and workers that have suffered under the extreme policies of Gretchen Whitmer and the Lockdown Left,” said spokesperson Tori Sachs. “In addition to our primary election winners, these conservatives will stand up for our Constitutional rights and defend taxpayers from rising prices in the Whitmer-Biden economy, and we look forward to working with them after they win in November.”


State House primary winners endorsed by the Michigan Freedom Network include:

House District 21: David Staudt

House District 22: Cathryn Neracher

House District 27: Bob Howey

House District 28: Jamie Thompson

House District 29: Jim DeSana

House District 36: Steve Carra

House District 38: Kevin Whiteford

House District 40: Kelly Sackett

House District 43: Rachelle Smit

House District 48: Jason Woolford

House District 56: Mark Gunn

House District 61: Mike Aiello

House District 62: Alicia St. Germaine

House District 64: Andrew Beeler

House District 66: Joshua Schriver

House District 78: Gina Johnsen

House District 80: Jeff Johnson

House District 86: Nancy DeBoer

House District 92: Jerry Neyer

House District 97: Matthew Bierlein

House District 98: Greg Alexander

House District 101: Joseph Fox

House District 108: Dave Prestin

House District 109: Melody Wagner


State Senate primary winners endorsed by the Michigan Freedom Network include:

Senate District 4: Houston James

Senate District 13: Jason Rhines

Senate District 16: Joe Bellino

Senate District 17: Jonathan Lindsey

Senate District 35: Annette Glenn

Senate District 37: John Damoose

A complete list of the Michigan Freedom Network’s endorsed candidates for the state legislature can be found at michiganfreedomnetwork.com/endorsements.

Michigan Freedom Network is an independent political action committee. The Michigan Freedom Network supports candidates who advocate for fiscal responsibility, economic freedom and the elimination of coercive and compulsory policies.


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