After Whitmer “Roads” Lie on Mackinac Island, Gloves Come Off in New Ad: Fire the Damn Governor

After Whitmer “Roads” Lie on Mackinac Island, Gloves Come Off in New Ad: Fire the Damn Governor
Michigan Freedom Network Launches New Digital Ad Campaign

LANSING, MI – The Michigan Freedom Network today unveiled a brand new digital ad campaign holding Governor Gretchen Whitmer accountable for her broken promise to “fix the damn roads.”

Whitmer last week at the Detroit Regional Chamber of Commerce’s Mackinac Island Policy Conference in a shocking television interview claimed she never promised to fix Michigan’s roads. In reality, her pledge to “fix the damn roads” was the centerpiece of her entire 2018 campaign, and has been her personal catchphrase for 4 years. 

“That’s not ever a promise that I made,” Whitmer bizarrely told the media on Mackinac Island. In fact, she promised to fix the roads again and again. Today’s new advertisement features a long montage of clips of Gretchen Whitmer herself – in her own words – promising to “fix the damn roads.”

“Whitmer promised to fix the damn roads and she hasn’t delivered,” said Tori Sachs, spokesperson for the Michigan Freedom Network. “Michigan’s roads and bridges aren’t just bad – they’re dangerous. Gretchen Whitmer hasn’t gotten the job done and this fall we need to fire the damn governor.”

Michigan Freedom Network is an independent political action committee. The Michigan Freedom Network supports candidates who advocate for fiscal responsibility, economic freedom and the elimination of coercive and compulsory policies.

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