Michigan Freedom Network Endorses 53 Candidates for State House, 22 for State Senate

Michigan Freedom Network Endorses 53 Candidates for State House, 22 for State Senate

Network Supports Conservative Candidates Who Are Committed to Protecting Freedom and Defending the Constitutional Rights of Every Michiganian

LANSING, MI – The Michigan Freedom Network today proudly announced the formal endorsement of 53 candidates for the Michigan state House and 22 candidates for the state Senate. The group also declared an additional 24 candidates as ‘Freedom Approved.’ 

“The Michigan Freedom Network is excited to back each of these dynamic candidates, because every single one of them is ready to defend the Constitutional rights of Michigan families and workers,” said spokesperson Tori Sachs. “These individuals are willing to stand up to the radical Left, to fight for Michigan taxpayers and to help families who are struggling with rising inflation and record gas prices in the Whitmer-Biden economy.”

Candidates for the state House endorsed today by the Michigan Freedom Network include:

House District 19: Anthony Paesano
House District 27: Kevin Counts
House District 30: William Bruck
House District 31: Dale Biniecki
House District 34: Dale Zorn
House District 35: Andrew Fink
House District 37: Brad Paquette
House District 39: Pauline Wendzel
House District 42: Matt Hall
House District 43: Lindsay Kronemeyer
House District 44: Dave Morgan
House District 45: Sarah Lightner
House District 46: Kathy Schmaltz
House District 49: Ann Bollin
House District 50: Robert Bezotte
House District 52: Mike Harris
House District 54: Donni Steele
House District 55: Mark Tisdel
House District 57: Tom Kuhn
House District 58: Michelle Smith
House District 59: Doug Wozniak
House District 60: Joe Aragona
House District 62: Joe Marino
House District 63: Jay DeBoyer
House District 65: Jaime Greene
House District 67: Phil Green
House District 68: David Martin
House District 71: Brian BeGole
House District 72: Mike Mueller
House District 73: Norman Shinkle
House District 79: Jeremiah Keeler
House District 81: Lynn Afendoulis
House District 84: Mike Milanowski
House District 85: Brad Slagh
House District 88: Greg VanWoerkom
House District 89: Luke Meerman
House District 90: Bryan Posthumus
House District 91: Pat Outman
House District 93: Graham Filler
House District 95: Bill G. Schuette
House District 96: Timmy Beson
House District 97: Rodney Wakeman
House District 99: Mike Hoadley
House District 100: Tom Kunse
House District 101: Diane Schindlbeck
House District 102: Curt Vanderwall
House District 103: Jack O’Malley
House District 104: John Roth
House District 105: Ken Borton
House District 106: Cam Cavitt
House District 107: Parker Fairbairn
House District 109: Ron Gray
House District 110: Gregory Markkanen


Candidates for the state Senate endorsed today by the Michigan Freedom Network include:


Senate District 9: Mike Webber

Senate District 11: Michael MacDonald

Senate District 12: Pam Hornberger

Senate District 14: Tim Golding

Senate District 17: Kim LaSata

Senate District 18: Thomas Albert

Senate District 19: Tamara Mitchell

Senate District 20: Aric Nesbitt

Senate District 22: Lana Theis

Senate District 23: Jim Runestad

Senate District 24: Ruth Johnson

Senate District 25: Dan Lauwers

Senate District 26: Kevin Daley

Senate District 28: Daylen Howard

Senate District 29: Tommy Brann

Senate District 30: Mark Huizenga

Senate District 31: Roger Victory

Senate District 32: Jon Bumstead

Senate District 33: Rick Outman

Senate District 34: Roger Hauck

Senate District 36: Michelle Hoitenga

Senate District 38: Ed McBroom


In addition, the Michigan Freedom Network identified multiple candidates in several state House and Senate primaries who will be champions of freedom, designating them as “Freedom Approved” candidates.

These “Freedom Approved” Candidates for the state House include:

House District 21:

Dan Lawless

David Staudt

House District 38:

George Lucas

Kevin Whiteford

House District 48:

Jason Negri

Jason Woolford

House District 64:

Andrew Beeler

Gary Eisen

House District 66:

Jacob Newby

Joshua Schriver

House District 78:

Christine Barnes

Ben Geiger

Gina Johnsen

House District 92:

Todd Schorle

Erin Zimmer

House District 98:

Greg Alexander

Joe O’Mara

“Freedom Approved” Candidates for the state Senate include:

Senate District 16:

Joe Bellino

TC Clements

Senate District 35:

Annette Glenn

Tim Kelly

Chris Velasquez

Senate District 37:

Triston Cole

John Damoose

Michigan Freedom Network is an independent political action committee. The Michigan Freedom Network supports candidates who advocate for fiscal responsibility, economic freedom and the elimination of coercive and compulsory policies.


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